RDP is a short form of Remote Desktop Protocol -RDP is specific for windows servers, it works as a graphical user interface to connect with another computer, generally, it is used for connecting to a server hosted at a data centre to perform tasks that normally do not require much user interaction and runs 24/7. More and more people are looking RDP server hosting to carry.

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How to use RDP in Windows?

In this article, we scout the internet and found these top 10 best RDP host hosting suppliers that accept credit card and some hosts even accept bitcoin to purchase an RDP server. Some of the uses of RDP servers are currently running bots bitcoin mining, online video streaming, running forex trading applications etc.

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How to Connect to an RDP Server?          

How to Use RDP For Mac user

How to Use RDP For Window User 

  • Now Open Remote Desktop Connection ApplicationGoto >> Start >> Start Menu >> Windows Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection
    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories
    Open Windows 8/8.1/10 Search And Type RDP

Type Server IP In “Computer:” Box And Click On Show Options

  • Now Type Username In “User Name:” Box.
    Tick “Allow me to save credentials” If You Want To Save Username Permanently Otherwise You Have To Type Username Every Time.
  • Now Click On Connect

  • Tick “Remember me” Box If You Want To Save Username & Password Permanently By This You Can Use RDP Next Direct Without Typing Username & Password.
  • Now Your RDP Logged In And Enjoy Your RDP.