To connect to your campus Windows PC from a Mac you will need to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop application for Mac version 10.1.8 (or higher). If you are using a university-owned Mac, you may already have this app installed. Please contact the Technology Support Center or your IT Liaison if you have questions about using this software on a university-owned Mac. Buy RDP at an affordable price at just $15 per month from RDPIFY.COM .

Please note: Before you attempt to connect to UMKC resources remotely, please make sure your operating system (Apple OS X) has all applicable security updates installed. Remote Desktop Connection RDP

Download this software:

Mac OS X Remote Desktop Connection Instructions

  1. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop RDP application
  2. Click the “+” icon
  3. Select Desktop
  4. Click Show More
  5. For PC Name, enter the name of the remote computer to connect to. If you are unable to determine the name of your campus (office) computer, contact the IS Technology Support Center or your IT Liaison
  6. For User Account, click ask me every time to change the setting
  7. Click Add User Account
  8. For User Name, type UMKC-USERS\UMKC Username or UM-AD\UMKC Username in Domain\Username
  9. For Password, type your UMKC Username Password. Note: you will need to update your Remote Desktop settings every time you change your UMKC Username password.
  10. Click Save
  11. For Friendly Name, enter the PC name
  12. Click on no gateway to change the setting
  13. Select Add Gateway from the dropdown
  14. For Server Name, enter
  15. For User Account, click Use Desktop User account
  16. Select your UMKC username from the list
  17. Click Save
  18. Click Save again
  19. To initiate the connection, double click on your PC Name tile
  20. Click Show Certificate
  21. Click Always Trust to prevent seeing this warning again for the PC specified
  22. Click Continue

If you have not recently connected to this computer there will be a delay as your profile is created. This is normal.
You are now connected! to RDP

  Source info: UMKC

Buy RDP Online at an affordable price at just $15 per month from RDPIFY.COM .