Clients/users using Windows 10 computers, when connecting (Remote desktop) to VPS, receive the following error message:


This error occurs when the Windows version runs an operating system update, resulting in the remote desktop access to the VPS failure because of not ensuring the security mechanism. To handle this error follow the instructions below.
How to fix:

Method 1: Edit in the registry of the Windows 10 computer you want to connect to the VPS

Note: This method applies to all versions of Windows 10 except Windows 10 Home edition. For Windows 10 Home version, please refer to method 2 below.

Check the Windows version by right-clicking Computer and selecting Properties:

If you determine the Windows version on your computer is not Windows 10 Home edition, follow the next steps.

Open the Run  dialog box >> enter the command: gpedit.msc >>  select Ok

Group policy window appears, we will customize a few parameters here.

Go to Computer Configuration  >> Administrative Templates >> System >> Credentials Delegation 

Double click:   Encryption Oracle Remediation 

Select  Encryption Oracle Remediation: Enable and Protection Level: Vulnerable (as shown above) then Apply  >> Ok quit Group policy and reconnect to VPS.

Method 2: Apply for Windows 10 Home computer that wants to connect to VPS

Go to Run and type regedit to open the computer’s registry


  • Then go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ System \
  • Create a key named CredSSP
  • In CredSSP, continue to create a key named Parameters
  • In Parameters, create a value of type: DWORD (32) Value and name it AllowEncryptionOracle
  • Double-click AllowEncryptionOracle and change the binary type value to 00000002


Then save it and don’t need to restart your computer. Now you can remote to a normal VPS.
<h4″>Method 3: Adjust Level Authentication function inside VPS

This way requires remote access to VPS (you can get a Windows 7 computer to remote to VPS) and adjust according to the following instructions:

Right click on My Computer and select properties to go to remote desktop setting on VPS


In the System Properties window, select Remote Setting, then go to the “Remote” tab and uncheck “Allow connections only from computers runing Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (recommend)”, then click OK to apply the new configuration.

Then try remote again from Windows 10 to get to VPS.

Good luck ! .