Got questions? We have answers.

  • What is an RDP? RDP or Remote desktop plan is a normal user account provided in a remote server having good hardware configuration. Each RDP Server is shared among many users depending on plans. All the work you do in your RDP Account is 100% private and safe. we manage your RDP server.
  • RDP access provided is for 28 days per RDP
  • No Survey allowed in RDPS
  • Reboot and Restart of the server will cost $1.90 every time
  • Strictly not allowed in any servers? Installing VPN software strictly NOT allowed.
  • Refund Policy does not apply to this product category for policy violation and wrong purchase.
  • Mass mailing, jingling, Hitleap, encoding, game servers, botting are some activities that are totally banned!
  • Camtasia and Video editing software are NOT allowed.
  • Video Streaming is strictly banned in All Rdp plans, if you want to do live streaming contact us via Live chat or email and we will give you a custom quote.
  • OBS and Xsplit are banned in Starter RDP and there is no refund for such a case
  • How to connect to RDP? To connect use the Remote Desktop Connection Tool, Once opened enter the IP/Name provided in the email into the Host/Computer field, and click connect, after that you will be asked for login credentials, enter them and you will be connected.
    Windows Vista /7: Click Start/point to All Programs/point to Accessories and then click Remote Desktop Connection.
    For XP: Click Start/point to All Programs/point to Accessories/point to Communications and then click Remote Desktop Connection.
    Note: XP users must install This Software to connect.
    Mac OSX: Download and install This Software to connect
  • What is the setup time of the Windows RDP Account? You will get your RDP Login details using email within 12 to 48 hours after purchase.
  • Can I install the software in RDP Plans ? Yes, Software can be installed.
  • Can I change the IP of the server via a VPN or Proxy? No, VPN/ Proxy tools are not allowed in any of the RDP Plans. It is strictly banned, if caught we will dismiss your account. You can use Proxy Extension or Addons in your browser as an exception.
  • Which kind of software is not allowed? Web server Software like xampp, wampp will not be installed in our RDP Servers. You are not allowed to use hacking/cracking tools such as brute-forcing tools, Port Scanning (nmap). All kinds of resource-intensive software are also not allowed.
  • How my data are stored? You will get a separate storage drive with your windows RDP Account which can only be accessed by you. The size of the storage drive will depend on the RDP Plan you ordered
  • Which currency do you accept? We accept all payments in USD ($), Euro (euro), and INR (RS) from our website.
  • Does RDP plans come with administrator access? Yes RDP comes with Full Administrator access.
  • Which Payment Gateway do you accept? We accept all major payment methods like PayPal (Automatic). Others like BitCoin, Payza, WebMoney, Paytm, UPI(Indian users), Perfect Money, etc manually. We also accept Indian Bank Transfer or NEFT.
  • Is IP Shared among users? No
  • Do you have a refund policy? No refunds possible since it’s a virtual service.
  • What if I opened a dispute without contacting the staff? Opening disputes without any reason or even opening a dispute after using our services in order to get your money back will not help. Doing so will result in money not being refunded and RDP will also get terminated.

You agreed to follow our ToS and Refund Policy during payment, hence Refunds will only be made based on our Refund Policy.