Remote Desktop Protocol is a graphical interface to connect to another computer overall system. It allows fixing the connection between two computers. A remote system is available for RDP users.


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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) RDP means Remote Desktop Protocol which is developed by Microsoft. It allows secure communication between two computers and enables the user to control another computer with full Graphic support remotely. As the name suggests, it allows the user to work or hold any other system remotely. RDP service is natively supported on Windows Systems, and it works on TCP/UDP port 3389.

Microsoft currently refers to their official RDP client software as Remote Desktop Connection, formerly “Terminal Services Client”. RDP includes the features like AutoSize zoom, and graphics compression utilizing H.264/AVC. Our RDP servers are secured with 128-bit encryption, using the RC4 encryption algorithm and also support SSL. Users can copy, paste and delete data between applications running on the local computer and those running in a remote desktop session, and between different sessions also know as clipboard sharing.


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Buy RDP Online –  RDP refers to Remote Desktop protocol which connects your remotely connected computers or system over an RDP connected network. RDP gives a graphical interface to a client to be able to associate with another PC, system, or network. RDP servers are built on Windows OS but can be enabled to other OS as well. If you have an RDP server pre-installed and you want to connect a new system with it, make sure that the system installs RDP too.

Buy rdp online

Buy rdp online

Use Case Of A RDP Server

1. Using RDP as a second computer: If you are doing a lot of travel, you can use RDP as your second computer and store your files on the cloud. You can access your remote desktop and your data anywhere in the world. SO no to worry about carrying your laptop or files all the time.

2. Using RDP for faster speed: All servers come with 1Gbps or 1000Mbps internet speed. If you do not have that kind of speed on your home connection, you can still enjoy high speed on your remote servers. Downloading and Uploading bigger files will be a matter of seconds. It is also very handy for web admins, as they can easily take backups of their work.

3. Secure and better alternative of VPN: RDP provides an extra layer of security that far exceeds the traditional VPN( Virtual Private Network). In VPN you can hide your IP or location, but on remote desktop, an attacker can’t even reach your system. As you will be working remotely on RDP even if an attacker tries to harm you, only a remote desktop will be affected in the worst-case scenario so that you will be safer.

4. Bypassing geographical restrictions: A lot of websites restrict their access in a particular region. You can quickly get a server in that location and can enjoy service. In the same way, you can operate an office in any country using a remote desktop.

5. RDP for organizations: An Organization can cut their software cost by installing them on remote desktop and let all users connect to the same server, this way they can save a lot on software license cost. It also enables them to apply security by limiting the Application or software access.

RDP is a powerful tool that is necessary in today’s world.

Frequently asked question about RDP

Remote Desktop Protocol is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft, which provides a user with a graphical interface to connect to another computer over a network connection.

  • How to Connect to RDP?

On Windows, you can search for “Remote Desktop Connection” app to connect to RDP. You can connect to RDP through Remote Desktop connection with help of IP/Username/Password.

  • What payment mode Rdpify accept?

We accept Paypal, Bitcoin, Indian Debit card, Credit card, Skrill, Perfect Money.

We ensure to provide the most efficient services of RDP at affordable rates with No Overloaded servers. We update WordPress core and plugins to keep your site protected. We have our expert team available 24/7 for all your queries.

  • Do you provide Admin access on your RDP?

Yes, We provide Admin access on some plans. Admin access is available on all the Admin RDP or Private RDP Plans.

  • Can I install the software in RDP?

You can only install your software if you have Admin access.

  • After payment how much time it will take to get server details?

Generally, all the server details sent within 1 to 3 hours after payment. In some cases, if manual verification or custom configurations it may take up to 12 to 24 Hours Max.

  • Is there any money-back guarantee?

Currently, we don’t have a refund policy for more, read in the Refund Policy section.